Increasing Your Chances of Getting Accepted for a Credit Account

UK online catalogues provide a convenient way of shopping due to their “buy now, pay later” policy that allows you to spread the costs of your purchases on a longer period with weekly or monthly payments, interest-free up to 28 days. UK catalogue companies accept online application for a credit account with them. In order to apply for a credit account with one of the UK online catalogue companies, you must be a UK resident and credit will only be provided to those customers which pass the credit and affordability checks.

For an in-depth look at spread the cost catalogues, particularly pay monthly, we recommend you take a look at There you will find reviews of the UK’s top monthly payment catalogues as well as where you can pay monthly on certain products such as clothing, electricals, appliances and furniture.

In general, most of the applications are approved, regardless of your credit history, even in case that you have poor credit history or bad credit rate. However, in order to make sure that you are not declined a credit account with one of the UK online catalogue companies; there are some measures you can take to increase your chances of approval.

It is useful to understand how your credit score works. This rating will vary between banks because they have slightly different methods of calculating it, based on their own criteria for analysis of your previous credit history. The credit report will include all your credit accounts, such as credit cards, store cards, loans, mortgages, catalogue credit accounts, car finance, your record of payments and many more. Your credit report can make a big difference between getting the online catalogue credit account you are applying for and a disappointing rejection.

The credit rating is determined by more factors:

  • The information you disclose when you apply for credit
  • The content of your credit file
  • Your previous credit history in general and any eventual credit history with the lender you are applying for credit.

If you’re a UK resident over 18 and have taken out a store card, credit card, utility bill account, catalogue account, mortgage or loan, then you have a credit report kept securely by the credit reference agency. The credit reference agency compiles all the information available about your credit applications and your payment history, and sends them to the UK prospective lenders. The largest UK credit reference agency is Experian. Other credit reference agencies that operate in the UK are Call credit and Equifax.

The online catalogue credit account will be available to you only in case that your credit score meets or exceeds the minimum level set by the catalogue company you are applying for. If your credit score does not meet this target, it is possible that your application would be denied. It is not wise to apply for a credit account if the risk to have your application disapproved, because that will further decrease your credit score. The more rejected applications you get, the lower your credit score becomes. That is, you risk in receiving a poor or bad credit label from the credit reference agency.

In order to increase your chances of approval for a UK online catalogue credit account, there are some steps you can take:

Step 1
Ask for a free copy of your credit report from the major credit bureaus. Check carefully your credit reports for any eventual errors. If you find errors, you have to file a dispute in order to get the mistakes removed from your credit record.

Step 2
Ensure that you are catching up on any late debt payments. Even if the previous late payments will still appear on your credit report, it is better that your account is marked paid as agreed when you apply for an online catalogue credit account.

Step 3
Ask your credit-savvy spouse to add you as an authorized card user. If your spouse has had good payment history, by adding you as an authorized user you will also have a boost of your credit score.

Step 4
You may ask someone with good credit score to cosign your online catalogue credit account application. You do not have to be blood-related or married to have a joint credit account. Your cosigner becomes equally responsible for the debt on the credit account.

Step 5
You can find online a list with information about all the major UK catalogue companies, including their approval rates, payment options and interest charges. Select the best offer that matches your particular needs and, in order to increase your chances to be accepted for a credit account, make sure that your choice is one of the catalogue companies with high approval rates.

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Furniture on Finance for those with a Poor Credit History

It can often be difficult to find a finance option for a large item such as piece of furniture if you have a bad credit history. Often an individual will make an application for a new credit account and will be told that they have been rejected, with the lender leaving a mark on the file and making it even more difficult for them to apply for further credit in the future. Several catalogue companies in the UK offer finance for people with a poor credit history.
furniture on finance

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Problems associated with buying on finance

Some people do not have the funds to buy expensive gadgets and appliances by making an upfront payment. To lure these potential customers into buying the gadget the product manufacturer or dealer may offer finance, so that the customer is able to purchase the gadget without any upfront payment.

The customer can pay the amount due later in installments, over a period which ranges from three months to five years . Many companies tempt their customers further by offering interest free installments. However, most customers are not aware of the hidden risks -problems associated with buying on finance.

Though many shoppers consider the price for buying on finance with smaller installments attractive, they often have to pay a price which is significantly higher than an upfront payment. Most credit card companies charge an additional processing fee, and this has to be borne by the customer.

Additional the bank issuing the credit card may charge interest on the installments to be paid, making the gadget or appliance more expensive. If the shopper makes an upfront payment for the gadget, especially in cash, they may be able to negotiate a better price or get a better deal with freebies.

If the purchase of the expensive gadget or appliance is made on finance, the amount may be directly debited from the bank account or charged to the credit card. This often entails providing confidential personal information and completing the necessary paperwork, which can be time consuming. Also there is a possibility that this confidential information will be misused against the shopper to cause financial and other losses, if proper precautions are not taken.

Additionally it is difficult to cancel the credit card at a later date, if any gadget or appliances has been purchased on finance using the credit card.

For more information on the pro’s and con’s of credit shopping, we recommend visiting Catalogues247 as they have discussed both sides of the argument in depth and also provide lots of guides and articles on related topics.

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Pay Monthly Wardrobes

wardrobesThere are so many types of wardrobes flooding the stores because their benefits are countless. Owning a beautifully designed or furnished wardrobe will do you so much good because you will have the best furniture to keep all your clothes in. However, you may find that these furniture pieces come with a heavy price tag. And the worst matter is that your budget is limited.

But today, the good news is that the budget does not really matter. There are so many buy now pay later policies that many retail stores have put in place. This has been done to make sure everyone, whether you’re rich or poor can buy the best wardrobe and spread the cost over the months.

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Financing a Home Entertainment System

Home-Theater-SystemsHaving a boring home is nothing to love. Make your home epic with a new entertainment system. You can get a new home entertainment system on credit from a number of UK stores. This is why even if you do not have the full amount, you can buy a TV entertainment unit and spread the cost over the next few months. TV stands are very important to hold and make sure every television has a sound base and protection.

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Samsung PS51E450 51 inch Plasma TV HD Ready 600Hz 1 HDMI USB 2.0 Review

Samsung PS51E450 51 inch Plasma TV HD Ready 600Hz 1 HDMI USB 2.0Today, HD televisions have taken over. This however comes as no surprise especially if you take into consideration the many 3D movies that have taken over our screens. For the best television experience, owning the Samsung PS51E450 51 inch Plasma TV HD will do you so much good. If you have always wanted to own a Samsung PS51E450 51 inch Plasma TV HD but feel you do not have the full amount to pay for it, there is a way you can buy on credit the television. Yes, you can buy this product for £579.99 and spread the cost over a number of months which means; you will pay monthly £58.02 till full payment is realized.

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Buy Now Pay Later Coffee Tables

buy now pay later coffe tablesThere are so many reasons why coffee tables are considered the best ways for a family or an individual to have fun and take morning breakfasts. Today, there are many buy on finance furniture policies and buy now pay later policies that are being put in place by online retail furniture stores. This is to make sure everyone is able to own at least one coffee table in their home.

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Buy Now, Pay Later on Men’s Clothes including Designer Brands

Mens-ClothingIt has been observed that men are more eager about online shopping than previously thought. Moreover, it has been discovered by many that the best choices are online. Out in town, one could waste a great deal of time going from store to store to find that perfect size or cut. Men’s clothes are therefore no easy thing to buy, unless you tap into the richness of online providers.

It is a known fact that men don’t like roaming around for the perfect item to purchase or spending hours browsing in stores.

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PlayStation 3 Super Slim 12GB Flash (2012 Model) on Credit

Playstation 3 Super Slim 12GB Flash (2012 Model)Playing video games have gradually changed over the years. Day in and out, there are so many video games being launched. However; the Playstation 3 Super Slim 12GB Flash (2012 Model) is one of the most exciting game consoles to own. The internet is the best place to find the many retail sellers of Playstation 3 Super Slim 12GB Flash (2012 Model). However; not all these retailers offer the buy now pay later policy.

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Sony Vaio E Series, Core i5, 15.5″, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD, Windows 8, Black laptop Review

Sony Vaio E Series Core i5 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD Windows 8, Black laptopOwning a laptop is the most convenient way to get on the internet and work wherever you are. This is why over the years, there have been so many laptop brands flooding the system. Owning a laptop was a very big deal some 8 years ago. However; it is not the same now. Today, anyone can own a laptop of their choice with no worries at all as to how much they will pay for it and how they can pay for the total amount.

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